Engine maintenance

for the maintenance of technical state of engine and the ability to work well, cars after driving a long time required after a certain amount of maintenance, otherwise the engine's lifespan will be greatly affected, will also reduce the life of the car.  

     six steps to help you maintain a car engine:  

    , grinding, that is running. This is to extend the service life of the base, whether it's new or overhauled engines, after the break-in must be carried out according to procedures to be put into normal operation.  

     second, the net, that is a net NET NET NET and body, gas, water. Diesel and gas is the main fuel of the engine, diesel, gasoline is not pure, makes sophisticated combined with body wear, clearance is increased, causing oil spills, drops of oil, oil pressure is reduced, the gap got bigger, and even circuit blockage, axle burned tile failure. If it contains a lot of dust in the air will speed up the cylinder bore, piston and piston ring wear. If the cooling water is not pure, cooling system water scales blocked, preventing engine cooling, lubrication is in poor condition, and body wear. If the body looks dirty, will make the surface corrosion and shorten the service life.  

     c, foot, oil, water, air foot foot. Diesel, petrol and less time or disruption to air supply and will appear starting difficulties, poor combustion, power is reduced, engine will not operate properly and so on. If the oil is in short supply, or interrupt, engine lubrication, wear or even burning the body. If there is insufficient cooling water temperature is too high, power is reduced, wear, reduced service life.  

     four organs, namely the current check the fastening parts. Diesel and gasoline use during the shock effect and uneven load, easy to loose bolts, nuts. There are various parts of the adjusting bolt check, so as to avoid damage due to loose body.  

     v, adjustable, adjust the valve clearance and other details. Valve clearance for diesel engine or gasoline engine, valve timing, fuel supply advance angle, injection pressure and the ignition timing should be checked and adjusted in a timely manner, to ensure that the engine is often in good technical condition, in order to save fuel and extend the service life.