New car route selection

   wedding cars trucks usually slightly higher grade of elegant color, suitable for arrangement, has skylights is best, hood, of course it will be great, but it is still considered the economic capacity of individuals.

   new car pay attention: first of all, the number 8 lucky, be sure to select 8 cars, silver sedan, and SUV, looks not so solemn. So recommends select black car, looks style, last on left this 8 car black car of arranged has, floats must occupies must of status, can occupy other car of Thunder, most front of floats certainly is Mercedes-Benz S350, left of according to car of market to arranged, many people see a column of married car also only see Qian several, so front of car must to from select is Shang grade of car. When leasing, to pay more attention to detail, be careful when signing the contract.

   good car route to save money can easily walk wedding, wedding car route what options do, wedding car route how to choose??

  , choose car routes, is to choose the same route back and forth passes through, this belongs to the back, team for marriage is taboo to go back. Bride and the return home of course cannot have duplicate sections, because to go back have implied for any length of time will divorce mean, belong to the newlyweds a taboo;

   II, choose car routes, road traffic as little as possible should be selected, we can guarantee the team speed, and can avoid the convoy was interrupted by a traffic light, the vehicle;

   three, choose car routes, road sections should at least pass by representative of the urban landscape.