Newcomer how to select wedding cars

"head" is the soul of wedding motorcade wedding

    wedding convoy by "car" and "caboose" composition, "truck" is the soul of the team, body length and luxurious decoration is its vitality, more luxurious touring car filled. Best white because white signifying a long life together, good luck.

    at present in our country, team, and most are used in the Audi A6, mostly red Mazda 6.

    Note: the wedding car with a hatchback, and due mainly to the Hatchback has made "no recoil" taboo.

   is also determined by the means you,  good   that choice a lot   BMW   Mercedes   Audi may choose either.

I think team a BMW five-series is a good choice of color   Audi A6L  want to take cheap points a little bit of   that the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord   thoroughly with large off-road or car (car   groom drive   but wedding phone number  

unsafe   so he did not advocate)  

If you selected the same color   black   brand mix doesn't matter   mix is that you can borrow a friend's car   savings

if slightly less well-off   that try to borrow a friend's car with   give   is not so much on the color.  

at this point, would also like to remind all our friends:

car rental market is chaotic, many black companies, self-employed people, small medium,

No license, no professional qualification in the car rental industry, under various pretexts, on-site advertising,

low prices lure, lure customers, a problem or accident, tangled, laws cannot be guaranteed. So rent a car be sure to select the regular car rental companies.