Newlyweds need to prepare the following

get a marriage license will need: three two-inch photos (male left, female right female slightly nearer the front, usually red) and identity card, both account, account of this copy.

first,   selection of engagement and wedding day.

Second, the wedding  . Need to ask around your friends, select a reputable wedding dress shop, booked according to different needs.

Note at the time of agreement to ask more details, such as several sets of clothes, pick out his clothes do you want extra money, frame size, frame materials, send not send bride wedding makeup, do you need a plus cleaning fee and so on.

third, the hotel reservation as early as possible, a month before his marriage to choose the menu, it may be appropriate to modify the menu.

four, marriage needs to buy? buying candy and invitations at an appropriate time.

invitations when some wedding gifts, some of which are bought.

candy don't buy too early, especially when the weather is hot, easy.

five, marriage needs to buy? select wedding or you can contact   with the makeup, photography, bridesmaids, best man, posters, hotel scene.

six, married need to buy things:

customs need: fire chimney, fragrant, red umbrella, sons of barrels, pots, candlesticks, Dragon and Phoenix candles, posted an empty basket, rulers, colored cloth, scissors, rulers, sewing box, sack, couplets, Word, double sided carpet tape, Scotch tape, red wool, red paper, red paper, Chinese knots, Fireworks, confetti, Fireworks, firework, lanterns

Home: bed linen (quilts, set of four or seven sets, pillows, cups, disposable cups, towels)

entertaining guests with tea, snacks, fruits, beverages, tobacco

Hotels: a bottle of liquor, a bottle of red wine, beer, several   drinks 2

Red handbags for brides, several sets of new clothes, new underwear, red shoes, hosiery, cosmetics

groom's suit, underwear, socks, ties, shirts, shoes

the couple on their wedding day: groom's boutonniere, Bridal flower, bouquets, rings, luxury wedding car fleet (icing on the cake for your wedding, and the prelude to uncover the perfect start for your marriage)