Used car Tips how much do you know

1, how to prevent the antenna from being stolen?  

    unscrew the antenna, head painted with strong adhesive silk, tightened, the effect is very good.  

2, how to place infrequently but have to carry things on the car?  

     just ask the spare tire opens the trunk, there is the largest compartment.  

3, how to improve the effect of ventilation and defrosting inside the car?  

     dust filters filter (engine warehouse) into the same sized sponge, both increased in volume, and removable and washable for reuse, and winter car express defrost, longer trips don't have to open the fan and fuel.  

4, how to keep the clutch long with ease?  

     maintenance personnel every time you change brake fluid out from the clutch cylinder oil. Because the clutch and brake using the same oil Cup, might be difficult, but it is supposed to do.  

5, when you feel the brakes less easy to do?  

    used strongly hit a few feet brake at a red light, to be effective.  

6, how to simply preventing them from deviation?  

    1. the deviation of the direction of the front wheels increases the pressure or direction of another tire low pressure regulating;  

    2. within the range of adjustments in front;  

    3. most vehicles the right deviation, is caused by the teeth on the right side of the road.