Wedding day need to prepare things

1,   sugar and don't buy too much, one table a bottle of liquor was enough. Coke and Sprite that can be a bit more, because my family to drink.

2, and   layout venue, General to ahead of and wedding company of people with to see site, then with he communication you of idea, because they compared has experience, so also will to you some good of recommends, layout General is day of night they only will to hotel layout, if you assured words, can find friends help you to at with, because may will compared late, but new day to good rest Ah.

3, and   General sugar and smoke wine to ahead of one days pulled to hotel to, because they will in day night table, each table a box smoke on enough has, open put in small disc in, sugar is, each table a small disc, such not too waste, remember to to hotel of people prepared good a copies candy and smoke, to to floats of master also prepared a small package sugar and a box smoke of, small packaging of sugar and smoke can more prepared some, hotel of people Ah, and spent shop of people Ah... Can send a package.

4,   wedding night to drink less, avoiding eyes swollen the next day, and going to bed early and get a good rest.

5,   to calculate the journey time of day float away, avoiding in the bridal chamber hard on taking too long time to groom, it is best to go through the route in advance. But ask your hotel the same day there is no other married, make sure you get ahead of them, called grab first prize.

6,   tobacco I use double happiness, Jin Liu Fu wine are Samsung, wedding couple drink wine it is best to prepare the day before, because for a long time the water in the well, all the wines are poured directly into the water line, that's more difficult to drink, drank more disgusting.

7,   flower-if hair is needed and must be bought in advance.

8, booking catering package that is sure to set a bigger when Hall, Nanjing big not small, would prefer the discontent and don't like me now may not be sitting, nasty bee!