Wedding day needs to pay attention to the details

  1, Hotel Manager, better to give him a separate red, quite like this to be handy.

  2, for both parents and respect on the tea to BREW called hotel staff in advance, or hot.

  3 setting a wedding Director, recommended hotels, groom jieqin, coordinated by him, handling all the details of the hotel, including table/tobacco, liquor, sugar placed, the bride and groom to a hotel, and so on.

  4, wedding candy and every Pack of 12 to 18, if the candy bags are too big, put a jelly, kids like to eat, people will feel the bride to do things very carefully.

  5, groom to prepare small red packets, blocks of 5, 10, 20, is dealing with some not necessary but had to give people. Married colleagues met at the intersection when stopped car, these envelopes to reduce a lot of unnecessary losses.

  6, the best bridesmaid in the bag is a bag of sausage or fish intestines, such as bride getting dresses make the bride and groom eat in the hotel, adding labor, without deteriorating the make-up. In General, the bride and groom at the wedding banquet is no chance to eat something

the day be sure to remind the waiter served, slightly slower, or not toasted the bride and bridegroom people get about it!!