Wedding how to break seasonally

every year in May and October are prime time for marriage, married many young people choose to get married in both months. How can I break the seasonal option, stagger peak married?

a winter wedding


now people are willing to choose winter wedding, because there are a lot of festivals in the winter cluster, more memorable. In just past of Thanksgiving section, and "singles section", December of Christmas, January of on new year's day, February of lover section,, are is new people willing to select married of days, especially December and next year January, many new think, year-end and early has special of meaning, representative with single life of end and common life of new began, also willing to bidding farewell to, so Memorial meaning more deep. Select singles and married couples also took a fancy to this special "holiday" in the Bachelor of special significance.


Second, autumn wedding

coming in the fall, autumn is a time of fruit ripening, symbol can also be used to couple a symbol began in perfect love, fall wedding, whether it is indoor wedding, outdoor wedding is clear and crisp, the atmosphere is crucial!

  1, married autumn atmosphere is vital, held on the outskirts of the feast, the panoramic view of beautiful outdoor scenery.

2, color to create dramatic effect of marriage in the fall can be shades of Orange as the color on the gradient brush on the canvas, as the walls of the wedding decorations. If you want to achieve the effect of a more nuanced, we prepare some napkins and glass utensils work simple and unadorned.

3, chrysanthemum and dahlia are suitable as fall wedding decorations. More attractive to the guest's eye, Berry sweet and sour can be placed into a circle, and then in the center circle on the maple tree pattern glass.

4, wood supplies for fall married friends to create a pastoral and classical style, which could be replaced the wooden glass, can also be affixed to the shirt Board menu, or slightly weathered wooden barrel as table by the wall. As regards the selection of road marking materials, it is best to select hand-carved pieces of wood.

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