Car rental information

   vehicle owners gradually added in fall clothing at the same time, cannot ignore the car's "caring". After the hot summer heat, and cars have become rather "tired", and "cold autumn", "immunity" would be seriously diminished.

the taxi owners to "read" season for the car maintenance at the right time.

1, clean, replace cabin air filter

   auto air conditioning service life depends to a large extent, routine maintenance. High frequency use of air conditioning in the summer, air conditioning blower, duct, etc will be attached to a lot of dust, bacteria, and other (torture) dirt and is easy to breed a large number of bacteria, and emit odor, harmful to human skin and respiratory system. If not cleaned in time, causes such as poor cooling effect, small air volume air conditioning problems, there will be other air conditioning systems failure. Generally, once every 5000 km or 3 months to clean the air filter every 20,000 km or 12 months change the cabin air filter. Therefore, the autumn season, be sure to clean or replace the cabin air filter in a timely manner, so as to protect owners and car "double security".

2, replace the antifreeze

   some owners like to use tap water instead of antifreeze in the summer, this is not a good idea. In the climate becoming cooler in the winter, if not timely replacement of dedicated automotive antifreeze, the weather when temperatures drop, is likely to affect the normal operation of the cooling system of the car. Typically, automobile antifreeze uses a period of two years, if the owner is antifreeze used in summer, as long as you don't over use the term, we should not rush to replace. If you are using tap water, you need to replace soon. When you replace the antifreeze, be sure to wash the car engine cooling system.

3, car germicidal cleaner

   woman likes to put some plush toys in a car, but it will "attract" a lot of dust or bacteria. In addition, seats, carpeting, dashboards, car mats, seat crack, the door inside, the trunk is also good place to accumulate dust, bacteria, combined with the limited space inside the car, car closed stronger, not convection of air inside the car, favor the growth of harmful substances, summer temperatures are largely catalyzed by the harmful "forces" of development. So in the fall, the best for car interiors and structures to do a thorough cleaning and disinfection. If the use of disinfection of Peracetic acid disinfectant, remember that after disinfection, cars must wipe with clean water, dry with a clean cotton cloth, so as to avoid residual disinfectant harm to the human body.