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   generator is important in the automotive electrical parts for automobiles, it has two parts: supplies all the electrical parts need to charge a battery. Want to keep driving the generator constant power, should regularly carry out the following maintenance work.

How to do the maintenance:

1, the vehicle after a certain length, adjust alternator belt tight, fixed calibrated screws as needed, generator foot frame screws should be kept tight.

2, pay attention to the degree of wear of the bearing, if insufficient lubrication, drop a few drops from the oil cup oil, careful not to penetrate the rectifier, or affect the power transfer.

scale 3, Rectifier, sand cloth to Polish.

4, the brush contact surface uneven, flat can be used fine sand cloth. Lack of flexibility of the spring, brush wear is excessive, must be replaced with new parts. Brush too short no damage, gasket into the bracket, to the rectifier and close.

5, brush bracket insulator is damaged, another with new pieces.

6, loosening of the generator poles, must be fastened, if poor insulation, remove the trim.

7, generators failed in the Middle, not too far from the destination, by field coils can be voltage regulator wires removed, third brush Dynamo, the third brush is taken off, the generator for power generation. Using battery power supply, should as far as possible at this time to save electricity.

dust ring 8, generator must be firm and should not be removed without to prevent dust entering inside, resulting in mechanical failure.

9, to regularly clean the wire, and keep it dry to prevent leakage