Car rental information

   good driving habits not only reduces fuel consumption, but also can extend the life of the vehicle. In fact, as long as the driver is in the control of processes with some "action", you can get very good fuel-saving effect.

there are 8 kinds of common fuel-saving method:

    1. about road conditions before travel, avoid the lines of cars.

    2. for cars as possible "burden".

    3. don't hurry on the accelerator, brakes or sudden acceleration, highway economic speed as much as possible, avoid low gear high speed traffic.

    4. evening light the advance collection of oil, reasonable use does not turn off way to ride the clutch, brake less.

    5. high gear drive, manual transmission, high speed stability of the vehicle in time after a change of gear.

    6. avoid idling for long periods. Stop waiting for engine stalls as possible rather than to keep it idling.

    7. gear when using air conditioning should be moderate. Does not open the window when running at high speed.

    8. electronic fuel injection without the warm-up Lane, nor down started, engine running more oil at low temperature.

     maintenance is crucial: the amount of fuel actually has a relationship with so many factors, in addition to the weight of the car, the car styling, engines and thermal power outside, road conditions, driving habits, and so on, the car is also an important factor affecting vehicle fuel consumption. Bikers usually should be taken to strengthen the car's maintenance and care. For the maintenance of the vehicles fuel economy performance mainly in the following five aspects:

    1. check tire pressure often. To keep your tire pressure within the standard values. Tire pressure is too low increase vehicle fuel consumption, comply with the requirements of tire pressure can reduce fuel consumption 3. 3%.

    2. changing the oil on a regular basis, pay attention to cleaning of carbon and filter, change spark plugs, and so on.

    3. go to a regular gas station, in accordance with compression ratio marking appropriate marking of the car fuel, labeling high or low will cause the cylinder and nozzle carbon increase and shorten the service life.

    4. try not to increase internal friction power equipment, so as not to increase the load on the generator.

    5. break-in period to avoid weight-bearing, speed and slow speed.