Car rental information

driving at night what should be paid attention. Owner at night should be guided by a principle, is safety first. Not a last resort try not to drive at night, adds a lot of potentially dangerous at night, especially on long drives. Once you really had to drive through the night, are not familiar with night driving friend, still want to know the unspoken rules of the road in the dark.  

     a  , pay attention to road conditions;

     road Expressway is the best choice, because he won't give your vision of a great deal of trouble;

     If you can't choose to go speed, you can strictly control the speed and increase following distance, prepared to stop;

     II, the attention light using  

     at night, the headlights are essential tools.

       third, pay attention to determine road conditions;

     vision in the dark, and we can also erect ears. In General, if the engine sound becomes dull, as the speed slows, indicating increased resistance, cars may be driving uphill or on soft surfaces. If you feel the engine sound

lightly, the speed is automatically accelerated description driving resistance decreases, the car may be travelling in a downhill.  

     four, clever use of lighting  

     sometimes the lights of other cars can also play a subtle role.

   at night the most important thing is to ensure safety and speed limits must be done!!