Car rental information

when troubleshooting, correct method flexibly and achieve a multiplier effect.

one, from simple to difficult

when a car into the repair shop, we can understand the need to exclude from the repair of failures. For example: engine malfunction light, unstable idling and smoke, fuel rose out of weakness, automatic transmission and gear slippage. We can choose one of the more simple to the

hands to resolve, when the problem is resolved, other issues will be solved.

Second, the separation

this method is a part, control or protection of several other working parts. When one of these failed, affect control, led to other work not work properly. When the control fails, we don't know which of the

failed. Let one piece does not work if control parts and other parts work properly, then the work is damaged.

third, step by step

the method is to use our knowledge and a variety of testing equipment, to gradually find fault, the method is often used in some soft and incurable.

four, the inverse method

the method to begin processing until a failure to combine all of the symptoms, calm thought, analysis of the reason for these failures. From the reverse reasons, to identify the key, focus on breakthrough.

five, contrast

this method is two identical vehicles interchange components troubleshooting or contrast value to the method when applied to special repair station and dealing with difficult issues, which, while not scientific, but allow for timely and accurate troubleshooting receive economic benefits in a timely manner.