Car rental information

  after the temperatures drop, your car is ready for the winter. Riders time to focus on their use of oil viscosity, glass of water quality and winter tire replacement.

before the temperature drops, owners must pay attention to using oil viscosity standards. As temperatures drop, the viscosity of the oil will be increased accordingly, which led directly to vehicle cold start performance can be affected. Owner workshop in time to replace the low-viscosity engine oil for winter use, oil can be used in more than lingxia25sheshidu of the four seasons, and winter in the Northeast that target cannot be met, a higher level of oil should be replaced.

in addition, when parking at night should try to avoid parking in the air inlet, and should be avoided immediately after the vehicle is started or detonation gas, after a short idling hot car driving on vehicles is very good. Because the engine of the vehicle is made of metal, and after a long cold, metal absorption characteristics and conductivity will Frost within the engine, which will not only bring great difficulties to the engine start, and damage to the engine itself is great.

driving the best car to replace winter snow tires, it can increase adhesion on a vehicle in the snow, special design of grooved surface water can also be effectively discharged, so as to achieve the objective of improving driving performance of the vehicle. Therefore, replacing snow tires in winter is absolutely necessary.