Car rental information

repair concrete steps have six steps:

    first step, check marks, without injury to the inside of the wheel can be simply repaired, using a paint diluent, wipe the scars around, remove dirt;

    second, scratched the deepest part is difficult to remove stains, when available

check it thoroughly cleaned;

    the third step: in order to prevent extraneous parts painted, it is best to carefully put adhesive tape wound around;   

    fourth step, finishing a good brush tip, covered with a varnish, paint drying shrinkage, it is best to paint slightly protruding;

    the fifth step, after coating, stay completely dry about a week's time. Dry water resistant paper dipped in soapy water applied, to smooth the surface; the sixth step, wipe with wet-strength paper, wipe out with a mixture of light and then waxed.

   If the deep scars, focus observe the metal surface is exposed, if you do not see the metal will not rust, can be carefully coated with varnish. With the tip of 1.1 points and wait for paint to dry completely. To avoid this phenomenon, when I first started using diligent in washing the car wheels, drive the vehicle at least once a week to wash once a day wheels, first with water after wet, then scrub with a detergent to sponge, then rinse with plenty of water.

was started not too hard, so as to avoid tire and dragged on the ground and accelerate the tread wear;

downhill second vehicle, should be based on slope length of filial heart and road conditions, proper control of speed, so you can avoid or cut back on the emergency brake, reduce tire wear;

c was vehicle corner should bend road, turning radius, generally appropriate deceleration to avoid due to inertial force and the centrifugal force effect, accelerate the unilateral tire wear;

four are driving on a rugged road, a road you want to select, reduce tire and hit the road, avoid damage to parts and tires, two slow amble to avoid tire bumps and shocks;

five are in turn passing, overtaking and through the intersection, the narrow road and railway crossing at lot, should have the appropriate speed and pay attention to the road, pedestrians, vehicle dynamics, brake ready, reduce frequent braking and avoiding emergency braking, thus reducing tire wear;

six were in highway maintenance and construction sites when slow amble of selected pavement way, avoid excessive tire hit and even stabbed or scratched;

seven through muddy lots, you should choose a solid, no-slip by, so as not to tire sagging, standing idle, rattling tire sidewall and serious cuts, scratches;

eight vehicles during the drive stop and the station stop, slide safe habits.