Car rental information

    step closer and closer of the Spring Festival, friends have started to prepare the car to drive home or car to the field to play. Now in the cold winter of "green" car tips.

when     1, Winter Park, take a few seconds to two front doors are open, let the car through a downwind, and then closed, parked vehicles overnight in cold weather for a long time is not easy on cream.

    2, winter temperature difference between inside and outside the lead inside the car prone to fog, just open in-vehicle air conditioning and refrigeration, direction adjustable windshield, fog will disappear within just 1-2 minutes.

    3 after I parked the car, on a cold winter evening, if you put a newspaper before and between the windshield wiper, windshield wiper will not be stuck in the morning the next day, windshield also remains clean.

    4, if the car is hand, at the time of ignition, step on the clutch. This can help to reduce engine load, can also prevent inadvertently forget to gear led to channeling phenomenon.

    5, fog or bad weather when visibility is less than 1 km, you must turn up the lights and rear fog lights. This is not only to help them see the vehicle in front, is to remind your vehicle to prevent rear-end accidents.

    6, foggy night Kaiyuan lights. Far light is a major area of exposure, easy to cause scattering in the fog, only a white light in front of other drivers, not see ahead.