Drivers there

    1, drivers must dress and clean, elegant language, does not have long hair, beards, do not speak against the company's image.

    2, pilots must listen to scheduling arrangements, shunting system in strict implementation of the company's business.  

    3, the pilots received no industry   when sending a car form, should conscientiously do vehicle maintenance and cleaning work, keeping the vehicle clean, such as found in vehicle fault should be promptly reported to the company, timely repair, must be kept well out of State.

    4, driver receives after the company sent a car, you must arrive at the customer designated location, do a good job getting ready for a trip.

    5, the driver must be polite to customers in the vehicle operating, guests on the train, said: "Hello", get off saying "Goodbye". When the destination is reached, must also remind you that you do not forget to carry goods, passengers must check whether there is any passenger found items, such as found in article shall timely inform passengers or turned over to the company, shall not ask others items.

    6, drivers are not allowed to smoke on the way, Midway may not drink on arrival shall not ask guests for tips.

    7, drivers receive a company business deployed within single the day before and may not drink, stay up for a long time, must be getting plenty of sleep and a good state of mind, avoid driving tired.

    8, the driver must provide a safe, comfortable, warm environment.